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Florida Dredging Projects

Brance Diversified, Inc. has consistently been performing Florida dredging projects since inception in 2008.  “Dredging Today”, one of our industry’s top news providers, just featured Brance in their publication. Our Amelia Island Marina project was featured with a picture from work being performed at this Florida Dredging project site. Recently, we have dredged approximately 42,000 cubic yards at the Amelia Island Marina.  We are currently in the clean up process for this project.

The link below will take you to the article written about us by Dredging Today:

PHOTO: Brance Diversified Busy at Amelia Island

In addition to the Amelia Island Marina, we have been dredging out at the Vilano Boat Ramp.  The picture below was taken at the Vilano boat Ramp while our employee, Jimmy, was performing the hydraulic dredging as the sun was rising.

The Vilano Boat Ramp gave me my first experience of “a day on the barge”.  I recently spent the entire work day out on our tug boat, barge, and dredge.  Being given the opportunity to see dredging from every angle and everyone’s work position was truly great and absolutely an informative learning experience.  I definitely had a blast learning from my fellow employees about their positions and how things work. I will also be sharing my “a day on the barge” experience at a later date, so keep reading our posts.

Brance is also about to begin some more Florida dredging at the Riverdale and Doug Crane Boat Ramps in St. Augustine, Florida as well.  The St. Johns County Doug Crane and Riverdale Boat Ramp dredging project is expected to begin by the end of October. Removal of this sediment will greatly improve boat mobility in these boat ramps during low tide.

Brance Diversified, Inc. is bidding and quoting new Florida Dredging projects all the time. You can contact our office Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm in order to schedule an estimate for your Florida Dredging project.




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