Shaping The Earth Today For A Better Tomorrow Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Shaping The Earth Today For A Better Tomorrow Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Brance Diversified, Inc., also known as “BDI”, is a dredging and marine construction company located in Jacksonville, Florida.  BDI is owned and operated by Danielle P. May.  BDI has more than 25 years of experience specializing in mechanical and hydraulic dredging, along with marine construction.  BDI builds boat lifts, seawalls, marinas, piers and docks. In addition, BDI works on the dredging of canals, channels, boat slips, marinas, and large culverts, but BDI is not limited to only this scope of work. BDI performs work on both large and small-scale projects in commercial and residential areas throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. We also work for city, county, and government entities in those states as well.

Brance Diversified, Inc. is dedicated to being an environmentally safe company by taking great measures to protect our Florida State waters, wetlands and wildlife. We also work with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection agency and all other state and local regulatory agencies to ensure the protection of our environment, working and non-working.

We at Brance Diversified, Inc. will work diligently and efficiently in completing each project satisfactorily and above our customers expectations.

Some of the Services we offer

Diver Assisted Dredging
Mechanical Dredging
Hydraulic Dredging

Troy Neil

General Manager at Morningstar Marinas at Mayport

They are an efficient, organized and communicative company who cares about the work they do. The pride Brance Diversified takes in the work they do shows on a daily basis. Brance Diversified did exceptional work for us and we look forward to using them again I the future.

Cindy Edson

Carter’s Contracting Services, Inc.

We have found them to be honest and trustworthy and their workmanship to be excellent. We highly recommend them to anyone.

Glenn Semanisin, P.E.

City Engineer

I know Brance Diversified to be a highly capable competent marine contractor. Brance work crew were extremely professional and maintained close coordination.

Erik Stor

Senior Vice President (Operations) at BC Peabody Construction Services, Inc.

I give Brance Diversified Inc. (BDI) my highest recommendation for any marine construction related endeavor. The company and its employees are unsurpassed in professionalism, dedication knowledge, and safety.